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Hungry for a true taste of Thailand? A new at home experience from the team at Six by Nico restaurants launches with nationwide delivery this month, and the first four-course menu is all based around the city of Bangkok.

The Thai street food menu, created by the team behind Six by Nico restaurants, will transport customers straight into the bustling heart of Bangkok’s colorful street stalls and markets – from creamy curries and spicy stir fries, to classic dishes that combine the hot, sour, sweet and salty flavours of Thai cuisine.

The experience will launch on the new e-commerce platform, HOME-X, which brings restaurant quality food and drink experiences to homes across the UK.

‘Bangkok’, inspired by the famed food stalls of Thailand, will be the first menu to launch on the new platform, allowing home cooks around the UK to recreate the Six by Nico experience at home.

Thai people see street food as a proud element of their culture and Bangkok’s world-famous street food scene offers an incredible variety of spicy, savory, and sweet treats cooked street side with recipes passed down for generations.

The four-course home experience includes: a starter of hot and sour Tom Yum Soup; Prawn Dumplings; a main course of Panang Red Curry – slow roasted chicken, sweet potato, baby corn & pak choi with roasted peanut, crispy shallot and thai herbs served with sides of jasmine rice, lemongrass, lime leaf, green chilli & coriander; crispy Pork Pad Thai, prik nam pla dressing, mooli and rice noodle. Bangkok’s cheese course serves up Landana 500 – pineapple and nigella chutney and water crackers and finally for dessert home chefs will enjoy a Cardamom and Toasted Coconut Rice Pudding, salted bean curd caramel & exotic fruit compote.

The Bangkok home experience will also offer a vegetarian menu alternative with a starter of hot and sour Tom Yum soup, Shitake and Kuzu Dumplings; a main course of Panang Red Curry, charred cauliflower, sweet potato, baby corn and pak choi with roasted peanut, crispy shallot and thai herbs with sides of jasmine rice, lemongrass, lime leaf, green chilli and coriander; crispy Taro Pad Thai, tamarind, soy and chilli dressing, mooli and rice noodle. Bangkok’s vegetarian cheese course serves up Landana 500 – pineapple and nigella chutney and water crackers and for dessert a Cardamom and Toasted Coconut Rice Pudding, salted bean curd caramel & exotic fruit compote.

Bangkok’s home experience menu will be accompanied with a bottle of Cave de L’Ormarine, Ville Marin Blanc.

Chef Nico Simeone launches Home by Nico with nationwide delivery 

‘Home by Nico’ and ‘Six by Nico’ Head Chef Nico Simeone said: “Food plays a big part in Thai Culture and can vary from region to region. From the sticky rice and soups favoured in the North, to the liberal use of spices and herbs in the South, each course on our Bangkok ‘Home by Nico’ menu is bound to get your tastebuds a-tingling.”

Home by Nico is available nationwide for the first time ever. The dine at home experience follows a similar format to the Six by Nico restaurants – with an ever changing four course tasting menu, themed around memories or places.

Home by Nico provides two people with a ready-made culinary experience that simply needs to be assembled and finished at home for the delight of dining at home. Each two person menu with wine is priced at £60 including delivery across the UK and available to buy from HOME-X – the newly launched online food and drink experience platform.

Each experience will be carefully pre-prepared and packaged at a new warehouse in Glasgow, in beautifully branded boxes, and kitted out in the very latest food shipping storage technology. Each HOME-X box will be 99% recyclable, with each kit portioned in individual cardboard containers filled with  all the elements needed to create each meal.

Home by Nico ‘Cooking Bangkok’ is available to pre – order now, exclusively from HOME-X. First available delivery date is Wednesday 18th November with orders available until 31st December 2020. Home by Nico experiences can be ordered up to 12 months in advance, however the ever-changing monthly themed menus will be announced at the beginning of every month on the HOME-X platform.

Visit the website to order;

CPD – What’s the point and will I learn anything new?

CPD – What’s the point and will I learn anything new?

Following her success at achieving Chartered PR Practitioner Status, Client Manager, Sara talks about the importance of Continuous Personal Development.

I have always enjoyed learning new things both inside and outside of work. When I can, I like reading, listening to audio books and my current favourite form of learning is…podcasts!

So how can I use these tools to improve my CPD and is there any point?

Yes, of course there is! With the changing pace of Public Relations and the ever-evolving digital communications sphere, I haven’t even scratched the surface.

CPD is a great way to manage professional development, demonstrating commitment to your sector and keeping up to date learning new skills. It’s all about improving, gaining knowledge, ensuring you remain current and effective. There is something very satisfying about being abreast of the latest trends and techniques. Not only is this of huge benefit personally, but clients gain from this too.

I am currently enrolled and due to complete the Digital Marketing Institute’s Certified Digital Marketing Professional programme. My skills and experience have always been rooted in traditional PR with a background in broadcast journalism; so now more than ever I need to get digital. This is not just for me to gain new skills but to gain the profession aptitudes to advise our clients on the latest advancements and improvements in digital communications.

The pandemic has proved that digital communications is more powerful than ever. We have all had to adapt and change how we do things, least of all communications.

Stephen Hawking famously said: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”  Now more than ever is a time to learn, regroup, adapt and make change.

As a team, we are encouraged to gain as much CPD as we can. This comes from the top down, and to know what we have the support to learn alongside our day job is of huge benefit.

The CIPR is the only organisation with a Royal Charter enabling us as professionals to gain Chartered PR Practitioner status. The reason why it was important to me to achieve this was for recognition and confidence; not only for myself but for my clients too. As the CIPR say, “there is a huge difference between a dedicated professional who has made a commitment to a career in Public Relations and someone offering a similar service who lacks skill, knowledge, experience and ethical competence.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself!

I am now proud to be one of the 21 professionals in Northern Ireland to be Chartered, joining my boss Samantha and 379 others across the UK.

Feeling inspired? Here are a few of our favourite sites to help us push our knowledge to the next level:

Have you lost your communications mojo during lockdown?

Have you lost your communications mojo during lockdown?

Here we go again! Like most businesses, we were gutted to hear about the latest four-week lockdown in Northern Ireland. As a local business, we had just got our mojo back, with green shoots of growth emerging. Therefore, it is hard not to see this as a backwards step.

Our industry has taken a hit; clients suspended accounts; new business opportunities slowed down and launches and events were cancelled. But we are not alone! Countless strong, viable businesses have been tested to the max when in comes to securing work, retaining staff and innovating to move forward. But one fundamental remains the same – communication is key.

Now more than ever, we recognise the importance of strategic communications as brands and clients seek to differentiate, relate to audiences and demonstrate how too are adjust to the ‘new normal’.

As an agency, we are revising our own communications strategy and choosing wisely how best to promote ourselves and our services during this crazy time. Like many of our clients, we are making tough, yet worthwhile decisions of where to focus our reduced budgets and what the best platforms for us are to utilise now and as we emerge once again from this circuit breaker.

One thing is for sure, now more than ever, taking your business digital could unlock your recovery. Digital and social media marketing require much less budget than traditional offline marketing channels.

That’s not to say online marketing is cheap; it takes experience and skill to do digital well.

But they’re more cost-effective, measurable and flexible.

Companies who previously had no social media presence are now selling through Facebook and Instagram.

At Rumour Mill, we are also working hard behind the scenes on our own digital vision and continuing to create content that will maximise our exposure, get our name out there, and showcase our services beyond Northern Ireland. We want to do the same for businesses that need support navigating this area.

How to get your mojo back? Be one of those businesses that adapt, spot opportunities and connect with new customers.

As businesses adapt, we are here to secure your market position and restart growth. We will talk straight and be clear on strategy. Together we will review where you are, discuss where you want to get to and plan how to get you there.

Things will never be the same again. So why not reach out, let’s have a FREE virtual chat to help get your communications mojo back. Email us on or call 028 90682185.




It may be hard to fathom but Instagram celebrated its 10th birthday this week!

In the last 10 years a hell of a lot has happened on the app. An egg got more likes than Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Anniston broke the internet with her Friends selfie, and it continues to the birthplace of countless influencers.

It is almost impossible to imagine a world without Instagram!

To mark this milestone, here at Rumour Mill we have compiled a list of 10 facts you may or may not know about one of the world’s most popular apps.

  1. The first person who posted a photo on Instagram was Kevin Systrom (born in December 30, 1983). The Co-founder of Instagram posted a photo with a stray dog in Mexico on July 16, 2010 with description “test” and this photo still exists on his profile:


  1. Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012. At that time, Instagram had just 13 employees. Now Instagram is valued well over $100 billion and is about one-fifth of Facebook’s market cap.


  1. As of October 5, 2020, the most-liked photo on Instagram is a picture of an egg, posted by the account @world_record_egg. It was created to beat the previous record of a Kylie Jenner post. The picture currently has over 54 million likes.


  1. In the three years since its launch, Stories has become a huge part of what makes Instagram so popular. With half a billion people using Stories every single day, it’s clear that Stories are an important channel for brands.


  1. Instagram users will spend an average of 28 minutes per day on the platform in 2020. In comparison, time spent on Facebook is slightly decreasing. Instagram saw more time spent per day than Snapchat for the first time in 2019.


  1. Selena Gomez was the first person in the world to reach 100 million followers. This has since increased to 194million. If she were a country and her followers were that country’s population, it would be the 12th most populous country in the world. One of her most popular pictures ever was for Coca Cola.


  1. The top ten most popular hashtags in general are: #love #instagood #photooftheday #tbt #beautiful #cute #me #selfie #tagforlikes #happy #followme. Photos that utilise hashtags get 38% more engagement than those who upload without using hashtags.


  1. How-to tutorials are the most popular form of Instagram video content. Followed by behind-the-scenes posts, interviews, and news coverage. Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos may be the best-known example of how-to videos on Instagram.


  1. The most popular face filter on Insta Stories are the puppy ears. This is followed by the sleep mask, bunny ears, love with the heart-shaped darts, and koala ears. Seems like we all want to look like animals on our stories…


  1. If you thought that Instagram advertising only appeared in the last couple of years, here is an interesting fact! Advertising was introduced in October 2013 but only for select brands! In 2015 it became accessible for all users. Engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.


Happy Birthday Instagram…where will we all be in 2030!


Bonus fact: Instagram embraced its potential as a news source this year, employing its ubiquity to distribute coronavirus prevention techniques through a new call-out at the top of its home screen feed. In some countries, Instagram displayed a link to information from the World Health Organisation and local health ministries, along with a message like this: “Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus: See the latest information from the World Health Organization so you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Instagram also prevented users from searching for COVID-19-related augmented reality effects unless they were made in partnership with legitimate health organisations. This helped limit the spread of disinformation or insensitive jokes about the virus.



Mumbai in India is known for its incredible diversity found in its culture and geography.

Food is an integral part of life in Mumbai—or Bombay, as most of its denizens still call it, where the grandest hotel dining rooms sit cheek by jowl with hole-in-the-wall Parsi cafés.

Inspired by the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Chef Nico Simeone and his team have created a ‘Bombay Kitchen‘ menu packed with an amalgamation of Indian food styles – recreating local dishes and reinterpreting age-old Indian traditions, to create an experience that toasts the old times and celebrates the new at Six by Nico restaurants this Autumn.

The Bombay Kitchen menu presents the classic yet unexplored charm of India’s diverse regions, marrying them expertly with familiar flavours. Each dish has a story to tell, promising guests an exciting journey on a plate. From Monday 19th October – Sunday 29th November 2020, Six by Nico transports these flavours, textures and aromas to surprise and delight guests looking for an authentic Indian dining experience.

The new six course Bombay Kitchen tasting menu includes, Aloo Sabzi – Chickpea & Paneer Dahl, Potato Espuma & Lime Leaf Oil; Salli Boti – Spiced Lamb Boti, Crisp Potato, Cucumber & Naan; Corn Bhutta – Pressed Chicken Thigh, Pickled Mushroom, Spiced Corn, Lime & Deggi Mirch; Roasted Cod – Spiced Onion & Onion Broth, Onion Bhaji & Curry Leaf and Makhani – Loin & Belly of Pork, Sultana Biryani, Makhani Sauce, Coriander & Mint Chutney.

In India, sweets form a major part of celebrations and guests at the restaurants will end their Bombay Kitchen food experience with a Mango Lassi – Yoghurt Creme, Alphonso Mango, Toasted Fennel, Cumin seed Tuile.

The vegetarian alternative boasts six delicious courses of Aloo Sabzi – Chickpea & Paneer Dahl, Potato Espuma & Lime Leaf Oil; Salli Boti – Spiced Cauliflower Boti, Curry Emulsion, Cucumber & Naan; Corn Bhutta – Pressed Aloo Terrine, Spiced Corn, pickled Mushroom, Lime & Deggi Mirch; Roasted Carrot – Vadouvan, Spiced Onion, Onion Broth & Curry Leaf; Jackfruit Samosa – Sultana Biryani, Makhani Sauce, Coriander & Mint Chutney and Mango Lassi– Yoghurt Creme, Alphonso Mango, Toasted Fennel & Cumin seed Tuile.

Chef Nico Simeone said: “India is famous for its diverse cuisine. There is an amalgamation of food styles, some are authentic, some are inspired and some are discovered accidentally. Our Bombay Kitchen menu blends the diverse cooking styles of modern India while revamping classic dishes in a whimsical array of textures and flavours”. 

Diners can book a table now for ‘Bombay Kitchen’. Open from midday, Monday through to Sunday, each six-course menu will be available from noon to night. The menu will be priced from £29 per person with the option to enjoy an expertly selected wine pairing for an additional £26. As ever, there is a vegetarian alternative available for every course, as well as Parsi café inspired snack sides.

To make a reservation and to book now, visit

‘Bombay Kitchen‘ will run from Monday 19th October to Sunday 29th November 2020 at Six by Nico, Belfast.