In order for your business to thrive, it needs to have a sense of individuality separate and distinct from those of your competitors. The successful manifestation of this is called ‘branding’ and it is at the core of every household name we think of today. From the distinctive arched ‘M’ of the McDonalds logo to the swoosh now so synonymous with Nike, branding creates an association of identity between what is being said and what is being symbolised.

Branding is extremely important. According to recent research 77% of B2B market leaders say that branding is critical to business growth and 72% of marketers say that branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine. In other words, if you can get your branding right, advertising is supplementary. Nothing travels faster than a good image.

At Rumour Mill, an important part of our process is to help develop a distinctive creative solution which will keep your brand differentiated and ahead of your competitors. We aim to handle this process from conception through to design through to print, and we work within budget and on time to suit your particular needs as a business.