The biggest maths festival in the world is almost here and there is still time to register! Maths Week Ireland is taking place from October 14th – October 22nd.

Taking place in schools, colleges, museums, universities and communities throughout Northern Ireland, Maths Week 2017 is set to deliver another spectacular programme of events designed to make maths fun.  Hundreds of schools from across the province have already registered online to join in Maths Week 2017 and organise their own in-school events supported by which offers resources and ideas, competitions and challenges.

With a history dating back to the Egyptian and Greek era and beyond, Maths remains the most popular A-level subject in Northern Ireland, making it an impressive three years in a row at the top of the table.

Now in its 12th year, Maths Week 2017, aims to promote a positive image of maths and highlight its importance in everyday life. The weeklong event will see multi-talented maths educators and presenters perform magic, card tricks, and amazing mathematical predictions to fascinate and educate young people about maths.

Speaking on the importance of Maths and this year’s Maths Week programme, event organiser, Eoin Gill says: “The significance and relevance of mathematics today is often overlooked but the ancients respected the power of maths. The maths created by the ancient Greeks is as true and useful today as it was then. Maths has helped build the modern world and all the wonderful technologies that make life and health better for all.  Many qualities are nurtured by mathematical thinking such as reasoning powers, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving ability and even effective communication skills.

“Be it a baker or a farmer, a carpenter or a mechanic, a shopkeeper or a doctor, an engineer or a scientist, a musician or a magician, everyone needs mathematics in their day-to-day life. Whatever you do a proficiency at maths will be useful.

“This is why we feel that participating in an event like Maths Week, allows us to inform, challenge and educate young people about maths and its interwoven role within all our lives. With the emergence of new technology Maths will, along with science, play a role in equipping the next generation for this digital age.”

There will be lots of events taking place across Northern Ireland. Maths Week 2017 partners include W5, Ulster University, Queen’s University, Stranmillis University College, North West Regional College and Armagh Planetarium. Parents, schools, teachers, children and everyone can get involved with Maths Week!

Dr Daniel Dundas, Lecturer at the School of Mathematics and Physics at Queen’s University Belfast, adds: “Maths is a beautiful language that helps us to understand the world around us. The primary aim of Maths Week is to let young people embrace some of these ideas away from the classroom, to think about maths in new and exciting ways and to see how these ideas are used in many different areas of life.

“Maths Week also aims to showcase how maths is central to many business sectors in Northern Ireland such as engineering, manufacturing, financial services and data analytics, to name but a few. Indeed, many of our former maths graduates have gone on to set up their own financial services and data analytics companies in Belfast. Fluency in maths can therefore open the door to a diverse range of career possibilities.

“The young people taking part in these activities represent the next generation of mathematicians in Northern Ireland and we hope that taking part in activities like this will further strengthen their love of maths.”

The week of math fun concludes with a magical day of mathematics in the museum on Saturday October 21st. Gathering families, students and math-lovers, Ulster Museum will host a day of mazes, maths magic, puzzles and card tricks both inside and outside the venue.

Math in the City is set to be fun for all ages, with local and internationally renowned mathematicians entertaining the public. Maths is important for everyone and we challenge you to get involved this year!

For information on Maths in the City at the Ulster Museum and other events throughout the week, visit  #IuseMaths

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