Do I need to pay influencers? When and what should I gift them? How do I approach them?

According to a report by Rakutenmarketing (2019), 80% of consumers have made a purchase after having seen it recommended by an influencer. Clearly, influencer marketing works. But 61% of marketers say that finding relevant influencers for a campaign is difficult.

Our team will meet with you for an in-depth conversation to better understand your product, business or service. From our meeting we will produce an influencer strategy for your business. This will outline the best approach, the optimal frequency for interacting with influencers, whether brand ambassadors should be considered and creative ideas for gifting and engagement with the best individuals for your brand.

You will receive: 

  • 1 hour meeting with our team to better understand your goals and objectives
  • 1 X Influencer integration strategy document
  • At least 10 influencer engagement profile summaries sent across that will best align with your brand
  • 1 X document of creative ideas on how to collaborate with influencers.


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