Lisburn – based manufacturer, Leckey, is delighted to announce the launch of the new MyWay+, an innovative, bespoke open frame walker that provides tailored support to all children with additional needs.

Designed with the needs of the child as the primary focus, MyWay+ builds on the very best of the current MyWay walking frame, reimaged with a wide range of new features and accessories.

MyWay+ cleverly supports children in an upright position, improving stepping and maximising opportunities for exploration, interaction, and participation.  Suitable for children with mild to complex postural needs, the three frame sizes ensure the MyWay+ can be tailored to benefit all children from the ages of 1 to 16 who need additional trunk support. With early intervention being key to optimising a child’s potential, the size one frame has been redesigned to accommodate a younger child’s proportions, giving them the best opportunity to develop their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social skills alongside their peers.

Encouraging and enabling children to be active in lots of different environments, the MyWay+ now comes with robust indoor and outdoor wheels and a minimalist open frame design that provides support without restriction. The new wheels include innovative side steeping* technology, anti-roll back, directional lock and variable resistance as standard, creating that individual set up to get everyone moving. The open frame design opens up a world of possibilities, promoting freedom and independence, interaction and participation, whether at home, in the playground or in the classroom.

One of the most exciting innovations with the MyWay and MyWay+ is the revolutionary corset-like harness. The harness comes in 6 colour-coded sizes, and has been designed to provide 360° support to promote an optimal stepping pattern, as well as being hositable. By focusing on function and a more natural upright movement pattern the MyWay+ provides all the support and reassurance children need to do things their way – from kicking a ball or participating in playground games, to walking hand in hand with their siblings.

MyWay+ will launch across Europe from May 2023, with further launches scheduled mid-2023 in international markets.

Erwin McKee, General Manager Leckey, Firefly and Sunrise Medical UK Operations commented, “We are incredibly excited to launch MyWay+, a product that continues to lead the way when it comes to opening a world of independence and exploration for children. The development of the MyWay+ has come around following years of research and development where we listened to our community of therapists, carers and parents about what they wanted from a walker. After many trials and testing, we have delivered a walker perfectly engineered, offering a wide range of features and accessories that can be combined to create a bespoke frame, tailored to every child’s needs and ability”.

Clinical and Marketing Director for Leckey, Dr Laura Finney, added, “MyWay+ was designed to deliver superior postural support, to aid therapy practice and to enable children to have fun and explore the world around them without limitations. The side-stepping function of the new wheels is particularly unique as it provides an opportunity to target and strengthen hip abductor muscles whilst the child is fully support in the frame, a feature that has been positively received by therapists within our trials. Moving about independently plays a key role in a child’s physical, social, cognitive, and psychological development, so it is very exciting to introduce the newly designed size one frame which encourages early intervention in younger children.

MyWay+ continues to not only promote improved stepping patterns and hip strength, but it allows children to be children, and will help them experience Adventure in Every Step”.

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