We Get People Talking About You for all the Right Reasons

We understand the essence of a compelling story. With our acclaimed team, we possess the expertise and connections to assist you in crafting communication campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

At Rumour Mill, we delve deep into the heart of your narrative: your target audience, your message, and its significance. Subsequently, we strategically align your message with the most suitable newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, and media channels. Over time, we’ve fostered robust, mutually beneficial relationships with journalists throughout the UK & Ireland. Our aim is to help you raise awareness, reshape perceptions, educate audiences, enhance credibility, and achieve your communication objectives.

Drawing from backgrounds in journalism and diverse experiences across various sectors, our team excels in generating impactful headlines and securing positive coverage.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each client, we offer a blend of predefined packages to kickstart your PR campaign while also providing the flexibility to tailor bespoke campaigns to suit your overarching goals. Explore our portfolio to learn more about our endeavours.

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Need extra support to reach your communication goals? We can help!

Our PR Project support packages offer ideal solutions for enhancing your communication efforts on a short-term basis, specifically tailored for a project, launch, or campaign.

Whether you require comprehensive campaign management, assistance with media relations, or content creation that captures attention, our skilled consultants serve as invaluable assets to your team, providing support precisely where it’s needed.

Our customized packages are crafted to meet your exact requirements, affording you the flexibility to select areas where our assistance is indispensable. Moreover, they are competitively priced.

You have the autonomy to determine the level of support from your dedicated client team and how you wish to allocate our time.

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