Leading astronomical research centre, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, screened its CapCom Go Dome Show in Irish for the first time during global Irish language festival, Seachtain na Gaeilge, The launch of CapCom Go as Gaeilge, on 8th March 2023, was attended by local school groups.

The screening is part of a wider initiative by Armagh Observatory and Planetarium to increase the accessibility of its facilities. The organisation also plans to launch Ulster Scots and British Sign language versions of the show in the coming months.

An immersive, historical documentary, CapCom Go as Gaeilge showcases the achievements of the Apollo programme and the efforts involved in putting the first human on the Moon. The show aims to educate a new generation about the immense challenges that were overcome, and to inspire Northern Ireland’s future STEM leaders.

The show was developed with the support of the National Space Centre, Leicester, the Department for Communities and Irish Language and Cultural Enterprise centre, Aonach Mhacha.

Shannon Ní Chléirígh, Arts and Events Officer at Aonach Mhacha, says, “It was a pleasure to work with Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, the National Space Centre and the Department for Communities on the development of CapCom Go as Gaeilge.

“At Aonach Mhacha, we aim to develop an awareness of and encourage appreciation of Irish culture through the promotion of the Irish language, so it is a pleasure to see Armagh Observatory and Planetarium’s vital educational material being translated into Irish.”

The Department for Communities assisted Armagh Observatory and Planetarium by translating the Dome Show.

Colin Nugent, Manager of the Central Translation Hub at the Department for Communities, adds, “We’re proud to have supported the development of CapCom Go as Gaeilge, in collaboration with Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, Aonach Mhacha and the National Space Centre.

“It was fantastic to see one of Armagh Observatory and Planetarium’s classic Dome Shows become more accessible to an Irish speaking audience.”

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium has a number of other inclusive initiatives in place, including its Changing Places facility, improved wheelchair accessibility and a Sensory Room on the ground level of the Armagh Planetarium. The organisation also screens ‘Relaxed’ and ‘Chilled’ Digital Theatre Shows for children who find large crowds and loud noise challenging.

Ria Mee, Education Officer at Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, comments, “It was a pleasure to welcome visitors to the launch of CapCom Go as Gaeilge.

“We would like to thank the Department for Communities, Aonach Mhacha and the National Space Centre for their support with the translation of the show for an Irish-speaking audience.

”At Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, we strive to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. As the public face of space and astronomy in Northern Ireland, we aim to inspire this country’s next generation of STEM leaders and as such, it is incredibly important that the information that we hold is accessible to everyone.”

To find out more about Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, visit: https://www.armagh.space