Yankee Candle is so ten years ago, there’s a new candle to behold!

We’re all used to the scents of vanilla, cinnamon and jasmine filling up our homes, but what about Mexican rice? No that wasn’t a typo, there really is a Mexican rice candle now on the market thanks to Ireland’s favourite food haunt, Boojum. In true tounge in cheek fashion, the brand has created, what can only be described as the most absurd but intriguing candle scents ever; Aroma de Mexican Rice.

With its legion of hardcore fans, Boojum’s Mexican rice is the stuff of legends, with students and dedicated customers across the country continuously trying to crack the code on the secret recipe. Having spent years being the ultimate tease, Boojum has decided to get creative, packing the aura of the Mexican rice into a candle, giving fans a quick fix when they’re not near a store. Makes scents, right?

Emanating the smells of a tasty burrito, the Aroma de Mexican Rice candle is scientifically engineered to ease withdrawal from Boojum. The scent (which contains the secret ingredients which still cannot be named) is ideal for those studying across the pond who don’t have the pleasure of having a Boojum in their city. If you have a friend or relative who is a certified Boojum Addict this candle is the ultimate gift to satisfy their cravings. Lucky owners of the new candle can burn this candle for up to 40 hours to evoke their Mexican rice memories or it can be nestled on their existing shrine to Boojum in their room, acting as the ultimate centrepiece to Mexican rice worship.

As tempting as it may be to eat, please don’t consume, as this candle has been launched as part of Boojum’s new merchandise collection!  With 18 restaurants across the island of Ireland and more in the pipeline, Boojum since its inception in 2007, has amassed a huge cult following and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Paul McCullagh, Marketing Manager at Boojum says: “You wouldn’t believe the number of messages we receive pleading and bargaining with us for our famous Mexican rice recipe. We knew we wanted to capture the essence of the Mexican rice in a quirky format and we have toyed with the candle idea for some time now, so it is amazing to finally see it come to fruition, especially just before Christmas. Obviously, we are remaining tight lipped about what goes into our rice however this candle is designed to appease those loyal and devoted fans with the key elements packed into this punchy scent.”

“During the summer and Christmas season we see friends and relatives return from across the pond and often their first stop of choice is Boojum, and that’s before they see their Granny. Whilst we don’t have any Boojum outlets outside of Ireland (yet), this candle should suffice in providing withdrawal support for those unfortunate enough not to have a Boojum close by. The Aroma de Mexican Rice candle, as mad as it may sounds, really is the ultimate therapy for those Boojum addicts who can’t get enough”

The much-coveted Aroma de Mexican Rice scented candle is now available to purchase online via merch.boojummex.com.