To celebrate Veganuary in style, Boojum has only gone and done it! That’s right, a meat alternative will become part of the Boojum menu this month, packing all the great taste of its famous number one selling chicken.

Looks like Boojum chicken, tastes like Boojum chicken, in fact who can tell the difference?

Partnering with the UK and Europe’s leading meat alternative brand Oumph!, Boojum will now offer this delicious meat substitute product, which is made from protein and fibre rich beans. This new addition not only welcomes new vegan customers to experience the magic of a Boojum, but it supports those choosing to consume products this way, decrease climate impact, whilst maintaining their healthy lifestyle; so, it’s a win win!

Giving up meat doesn’t mean you have to compromise on great taste. The plant-based product will be seasoned with the famous Boojum blend of spices, with the same great texture and banging flavour giving you that familiar Boojum taste sensation. You may even be fooled into thinking it’s the real deal. It’s the perfect alternative to add to any of the main meals on the menu including burritos, fajitas, bowls, tacos and more.

Paul McCullagh, Marketing Manager at Boojum says: “Veganuary has become increasingly popular each year, so Boojum wants to help people who are giving meat alternative meals a go, or appeal to customers who are already vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian, giving them a super flavoursome option. Vegetarian meals are the second most ordered dish in Boojum demonstrating that there is strong demand from our customers for plant-based meal options.

“We hope we can play our small part helping people reduce their meat consumption, whatever their reason. You can be assured that this meat alternative would satisfy any meat lover into thinking it’s the real thing!”

Domenico Speciale, General Manager for Oumph! parent company LIVEKINDLY Collective added: “I’m delighted that Boojum have launched Oumph! on their menu. Oumph! is a popular choice for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and committed carnivores on a day off.  It is great to see all the plant-based options coming onto menus in time for the increasing of number of people taking up the popular Veganuary challenge of eating plant-based food for the month of January.”

Boojum is a haven for vegans and vegetarians all year round, beyond January due to the wide-ranging menu and infinitely customisable dishes. The popularity for meat free choices has skyrocketed in the past few years with Boojum’s sweet potato & lentil dish being a huge hit during Veganuary 2020. Furthermore the legendary 3 Bean Chilli was so popular, that after a very convincing fan campaign to reinstate it, the option became a permanent fixture on the menu.

Paul adds: “This represents the first of many limited time only menu additions. We have a whole host planned for rolling out across the year and at Boojum we are determined to tantalise our customers tastebuds with some exciting new experimentations. After all, we all deserve a year full of tasty surprises.”

The new meat alternative product launches in-stores on Tuesday 18th January and will run for a limited time only.