The Brief

Although already a hugely popular product in Northern Ireland, Rowse Honey wished to market themselves to a fresh audience. Rowse Honey asked us to help them engage with a mix of NI residents; ranging from mothers to young adults and university students, young professionals to bakers and food mavens.

As part of this campaign, creative graphic design services was required to produce an engaging Valentine’s Card for the brand that was issued to trade representatives and press journalists.

The Approach

We acknowledged upcoming events and became aware that pancake Tuesday and Valentine’s Day would fall closely this year. With an understanding that honey is always the perfect combination for pancakes and not everyone may have a ‘honey’ this Valentine’s day – we thought we would combine the two holidays and supply them with a sweet treat.  We developed a list of local personalities, bloggers and professionals who we thought matched the target audience and nature of Rowse Honey. For the media drop, our designers created a quirky, engaging and on brand Valentine’s Day card that we would be issuing as part of our media pack. We wanted it to create talkability around the product in a fun way. We prepared a media pack including a Valentine’s card with our pancake character asking, “Will you be my honey?”, a bottle of Rowse Honey and a recipe to make pancakes – all packed lovingly into a Valentine’s themed gift back. These gift bags were dropped off on Valentine’s Day with the hashtag #BeMyHoney.

The Outcomes

The media drop was extremely well received due to the engaging creative used and was featured in over 100 social media mentions. We received coverage from CoolFM, QRadio and various bloggers across the province. We also surpassed 2016 campaign results and the client was more than happy.