The Assignment:

In August 2019, Connor & Company unveiled its expansive 3,750 square ft salon space along the picturesque quay, overlooking the River Foyle. Spearheaded by Derry native Connor Grant, boasting over 17 years of industry expertise, the salon emerges as a multifaceted hub offering comprehensive hair, makeup, nails, and food services all conveniently housed under one roof.

Approaching Rumour Mill in June 2019, Connor and Company sought assistance in conceptualizing, managing, and executing a visually striking campaign. The objective? To capture imagery to be leveraged across the brand’s website, social media platforms, business cards, and printed marketing materials.

Initially grappling with the creative direction, the client entrusted us to devise a concept reflective of their vision. Armed with an understanding of Connor’s desire for an edgy and attention-grabbing aesthetic, we delved into extensive research, ensuring our approach remained innovative while avoiding replication of existing salon campaigns.

The Result:

After much exploration, we settled on the theme ‘Neon Nights’ for our imagery. Infused with a nostalgic 1980s neon vibe, every element, from the backdrop to the attire and props, exuded a vibrant and electrifying aura. Collaborating with local fashion designers Chloe Dougan and Chloe Elliot, we sourced clothing that seamlessly aligned with our vision. The addition of neon lighting wielded by our models injected an edgy allure, casting a mesmerizing glow and enhancing the visual impact.

To complement the striking visuals, we enlisted the expertise of renowned makeup artist Grainne McCoy. Tasked with achieving a balance between boldness and subtlety, McCoy masterfully crafted makeup looks that enhanced without overshadowing the intricate hair designs.

The end result speaks volumes of our innovative approach, with the imagery seamlessly integrated across all of the brand’s mediums, embodying the essence of Connor & Company’s distinctive identity.