The Brief

Connor & Company opened its 3,750 square ft space on the quay, overlooking the River Foyle in August 2019. The salon is the brainchild of Derry native, Connor Grant, who has been a stalwart in the industry for over 17 years. The salon is an all-encompassing emporium, providing hair, makeup, nails and food services all under the one roof.

Connor and Company approached Rumour Mill in June 2019 to plan, manage and execute a creative visual campaign. The imagery would then be utilised for the brand website, social media, business cards and any printed marketing collateral.

The client was initially unsure of the direction and aesthetic for the creative. We presented the brand with a plethora of concepts and scenarios for the direction of the visuals. Whilst a brief wasn’t provided, we knew Connor wanted something edgy and eye catching. We did extensive research into existing campaigns for hair brands and salons to ensure we didn’t replicate but rather innovate.

The Outcome

Our final chosen theme for the images was ‘Neon Nights’. Everything featured in the imagery such as the backdrop, clothing and props incorporated a 1980’s neon and nostalgic look. We sourced clothing from local fashion designers Chloe Dougan and Chloe Elliot. Both women had a portfolio of clothing which aligned with our vision. The neon lighting held by the models was utilised to give the imagery an edge and provide a vibrant glow to the models. Popular makeup artist, Grainne McCoy was enlisted to perfect the makeup of the models featured in the shoot. We informed her that we wanted the makeup to be striking but not too over the top as to distract from the hair itself.

The end result below showcases our imaginative approach and it now utilised across all the brands mediums