The Brief

Rumour Mill was engaged with Foyleside Shopping Centre to manage its advertising and marketing, but more importantly its social media and website channels.

The Approach

Initially we conducted detailed research to formulate a comprehensive digital strategy. Our findings enabled us to present a new direction and focus for Foyleside, ensuring the digital output was forward thinking and effective. Having assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the existing content, we were able to develop a range of strategic tactics to transform the digital marketing for the centre.

Rumour Mill outlined a social media advertising plan. The 12-month plan incorporated all formats including Instagram stories, Google Display, PPC, Facebook In-Stream, Carousel and more.

As well as advertising on social media, Foyleside had also not delved into the world of influencer relations. For Foyleside, Rumour Mill appointed influencers on a seasonal basis. These influencers were tasked with showcasing the newest fashions, gifts, homeware and more. Each individual had a unique campaign objective to ensure we were hitting all target markets.

The Outcomes

Some of the achievements attained included:

Highest engagement of any shopping centre in NI for 8 weeks running

Facebook growth increased by 42%

Instagram growth increased by 146%

Website visitors increased by 37%

Impressions, engagement, reach substantially increased across all social media channels.