The Brief

We love podcasts! We listen to such a wide range of content, from comedy, to entertainment, to business and industry. For our own marketing at Rumour Mill, we have been delving into new ways of marketing our services. We toyed with the idea of starting up our own podcast. We wanted to create a platform that we would drive the content, whatever the topic may be or where the conversation may lead to. With a little bit of research and a few late-night chats, Rumour Has It was born.

Our Approach

When we first launched the podcast, it started out with ourselves, talking all things industry, experience and having a good old laugh. We had to ease ourselves in which we had a lot of fun doing as we got used to this new way of communication. The aim was that after a few episodes in, we would begin to introduce guests; voices of people who are interested in talking about a subject they love. Lockdown put a bit of a halt on interviewing guests, but with our new-found way of recording, we are back up and running! Our podcast is housed on Spotify, and we promote it through our social channels.

The Outcomes

We have gained increased listenership episode by episode which is really encouraging, and the stats suggest that we are getting return listeners and gathering new ones along the way. As a medium of communications and digital marketing, we love it! The podcast puts a fresh spin on us as a brand, us as individuals, and proves that podcasts a definite must have for an extensive digital marketing plan! Just be prepared to dedicate the time in creating consistent content you love.

Listen to our podcast, Rumour Has It, today and don’t forget to subscribe.