The Brief

United Wines has a diverse portfolio of established beers, wines and spirits from around the world. One of the brands, ‘I heart wines’ was launching its latest drink to the range, this time a spirit called, I heart pink gin. The client required us to create an impactful and memorable gifted influencer campaign to get the gin recognised and in front of its customers, converting into sales.

Our Approach

We researched the brand’s primary consumer and target market to ascertain which influencers we believed would be best suited for the campaign. After conducting an influencer analysis, we chose the influencers and provided creative ideas for the client of how to bring the drink to life through social media.

As the launch was approaching Valentine’s Day, we suggested to hold the activity until around that time, and we created a Valentine’s themed gifted pack. This fitted with the brand perfectly as the drink itself is pink. We provided all the items needed to have the perfect night in with a loved one or friends, creating a memorable experience for the influencers and this would then be showcased to their audiences.

The Outcomes

We will always ensure that each influencer aligns with the client’s brand and values before engaging in any activity with them. Once all gifted packs where delivered with details for the campaign, they posted content across their feeds over the next few days. This campaign had a potential reach of 840k people.

None of the influencers were paid for this activity, the investment was in creating the pack. The client received very positive feedback from the national brand team due to the activities success. We have subsequently worked with the team several times since.