At the onset of our PR and Marketing collaboration with Foyleside, the shopping centre embarked on a quest for a revamped its online presence. Dissatisfied with its  outdated website’s functionality and appearance, it sought a partner to modernise its digital platform while ensuring ease of use for visitors and administrators alike.


1. Revitalise the website’s aesthetics and user experience.
2. Enhance accessibility and user-friendliness.
3. Simplify content management processes.
4. Ensure swift loading times and responsiveness.
5. Implement dynamic visual updates on a monthly basis.

Throughout the journey, Rumour Mill remained agile and approachable. Our team exceeded expectations, delivering a sleek website design with intuitive navigation. Recognising that swift navigation is essential for retaining visitors, we ensured a visually appealing design reflective of the diverse audience Foyleside Shopping Centre serves.

In addition to aesthetics, we prioritised backend optimisations, including meta-tags, to bolster the website’s search engine performance. Leveraging our expertise with WordPress, we seamlessly integrated systems tailored to Foyleside’s needs.

Post-launch, Foyleside gained backend access, empowering them to manage store listings and marketing collateral independently. Launched in Summer 2018, the website immediately garnered attention, ranking for 193 keywords compared to the prior 82. Notably, from Summer 2018 to Winter 2018, the website experienced a remarkable 76% surge in unique visitors and sessions.

An imperative for Foyleside was long-term cost efficiency. By equipping its in-house staff with comprehensive training, we minimised barriers to website updates, ensuring agility and autonomy.


1. Modernised website with stunning design.
2. Seamless user experience and mobile responsiveness.
3. Streamlined navigation for swift information retrieval.
4. Timely completion of website redesign.
5. Positive feedback from clients on improved layout.
6. 76% increase in visitors from July to December 2018.
7. Surge in unique mobile users accessing the new website.
8. Achieved a commendable 28% bounce rate.
9. Full marks in website audit by Foyleside Shopping Centre landlord study.
10. 100% positive consumer feedback in digital survey.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Rumour Mill and Foyleside Shopping Centre exemplifies the transformative power of strategic digital enhancements. By prioritising aesthetics, functionality, and user experience, we crafted a digital platform that not only meets but exceeds expectations, driving tangible results and enhancing brand perception.