Local Derry YouTuber, Adam B, launches an ambitious mission to help someone onto the property ladder. Well-known presenter, author and prominent figure in the local community, Adam B, has recently announced an extraordinary initiative aimed at assisting someone in their journey towards homeownership. With a mission to give back to his community and make a lasting impact, Adam B has pledged to provide housing for an individual for an entire year, offering them the opportunity to kickstart their path on the property ladder.

Adam B, renowned for his entertaining content on YouTube, has amassed a loyal following over the years. Recognising the difficulties many face when trying to enter the housing market, he has decided to use his platform and resources to make a real difference in someone’s life. By providing free accommodation for 12 months, Adam B hopes to alleviate the burden of rental costs, allowing a deserving individual to save towards a deposit on their future home.

Adam B’s love for the property market goes beyond his online persona. While he often showcases his entertaining and prank-style content on YouTube, there is a side to him that his audience seldom gets to see—a passion for property. Realizing that many individuals face challenges when it comes to property, he wants to leverage his knowledge and expertise to create positive outcomes for those in need.

Through his side business in property, Adam B has been quietly working behind the scenes to help individuals navigate complex situations involving property. In these circumstances, he collaborates closely with the homeowners to find innovative solutions that benefit both parties involved. By using creative strategies and leveraging his network, Adam B aims to turn challenging property situations into win-win scenarios, allowing homeowners to regain control and find financial stability.

“Owning property can come with a range of challenges, and I’ve seen first-hand how these difficulties can impact individuals and families,” said Adam B. “That’s why, alongside my mission to help someone onto the property ladder, I believe it’s important to share my passion for property and offer assistance to those who may have inherited properties or find themselves in unfavourable equity situations. I’m here to work with homeowners and explore creative solutions that can turn these challenges into opportunities.”

The search for the lucky recipient of this incredible opportunity has already begun. Adam B encourages anyone interested to participate or nominate by submitting an email to property@adamb.co. The chosen individual will be announced publicly, in the coming weeks.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have the support of an amazing community throughout my YouTube journey,” says Adam B. “With the current cost of living crisis and ongoing struggles with inflation and interest rates – I feel like it’s only right to give back and provide someone with the chance to change their life for the better. By assisting them in securing a place to live, free of charge, for an entire year, I hope to empower them to save towards their own home and fulfil their dreams of homeownership.”

The online reaction to Adam B’s announcement has been overwhelming, with supporters expressing their admiration and appreciation for his selfless mission. On Facebook, one user enthusiastically commented, “Absolutely amazing. Life-changing for someone. Heart of gold. You don’t see anyone else doing this. Brilliant Adam.” This sentiment was echoed on Instagram, where another user praised Adam, saying, “Fair play Adam, this is epic. Great work.” The news even caught the attention of popular Girls Aloud singer, Nadine Coyle, who shared it on her Instagram account with a caption that read, “We are all proud of you @adambyt, you are an absolute superstar.”

Adam B’s commitment to his community extends beyond this unique housing initiative. He plans to document the entire process on his Instagram property page, @adambproperties, “I love sharing valuable insights, tips, and inspiring stories” he adds.

As the news of Adam B’s mission spreads, excitement and anticipation continue to build within the community. Local residents and fans of his YouTube channel eagerly await updates on the selection process, as well as the impact this initiative will have on the recipient’s life.

For more information about Adam B’s mission and to participate in the application process, please email property@adamb.co (just .co)