Following its successful launch and role in preventing the spread of Covid-19, ‘bubl’, created by Bangor based company Denroy, is evolving and believes it has longevity beyond the current health crisis. As an innovative transparent barrier mask that is empathetic, comfortable and reusable, bubl is attesting to be the ideal solution for protecting yourself against air pollution.

From walkers, cyclists and  commuters, the world’s leading innovators of high-tech, critical components for the aerospace and medical industries, Denroy, believes its design of ‘bubl’ allows for the user to breathe easier; and breath air that is cleaner. With a CE mark and the ability to replace the filters every eight-hours, means it is not only 100% reusable but safe and versatile.

According to the World Health Organisation[1], outdoor air pollution kills an estimated 4.2 million people worldwide every year, due to stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and chronic respiratory diseases. In fact, particles from car and lorry brake linings, road dust, fumes from diesel vehicles and pollen are often too small to see, but can pose health risks.

Now with masks in everyday use, Marcus McCay, the lead designer behind bubl, believes using our knowledge around the attributes of face coverings provides the basis for innovation, using them as an inherit solution to preventing air-borne pollutes.

“We are now living in a world were masks are common practice. With bubl, we have seen first-hand it has the potential to prevent the spread of covid but through further research we have proven  it has the ability to translate across to help prevent issues associated with air pollution. Wearing a facemask to lessen air-pollution exposure can be difficult for some people — they can be uncomfortable, breathing seems more difficult or they feel claustrophobic. Bubl tackles this and provides an effective solution due to its innovative design combining comfort, versatility and medical grade approval. It is unlike any other mask on the market for tackling air pollution on an everyday basis.”

Ergonomically Designed, CE Approved and Type II mask – bubl is made from flexible polymer that fits snugly around the bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin. The shape of the mask is naturally ergonomic – based on how people instinctively cup their hands to protect their nose and mouth.

Bubl is a type II medical mask and comes with 60 filters to be changed after eight hours of use. It retails at £19.99 and replacement filters are £7.50 per pack. bubl can be purchased online via: