Belfast-based company loyalBe have launched their #WelcomeBackNI campaign to promote local businesses reopening in Northern Ireland.

The campaign aims to drive local recovery by encouraging businesses and customers to use the hashtag #WelcomeBackNI when posting about local products or services, to bring awareness to local businesses throughout the region, and drive sales.

The campaign is active on all social media platforms for people to get involved and start sharing their favourite purchases from local businesses. The campaign also extends to the loyalBe app, which rewards people for supporting local brands and businesses.

loyalBe founder and CEO, Cormac Quinn, said: “Our #WelcomeBackNI campaign aims to bring attention to smaller businesses who need public support. The past year has challenged every business, but the large retailers have had it easier than our local restaurants and shops. Many of our favourite places have permanently closed, and others are struggling to trade at a reduced capacity. We must continue to highlight local products and services to save our local communities.”

Cormac continued: “It’s important that we celebrate the reopening of businesses and show our support as the restrictions ease, by spending our money where it matters most. When you buy from a small business, you’re not helping a CEO buy a third holiday home. You are helping a little girl get music lessons, a little boy his team jersey, or a family pay their mortgage. Supporting local businesses is our main priority at loyalBe.”

As part of their campaign to celebrate businesses across NI reopening, loyalBe are offering their software to SMEs at£10 per month for their first three months.

Cormac said: “With loyalBe, we are driving sales and customer loyalty with local businesses, by rewarding customers for spending again. This special promotion is designed to help them get customers back through the door and help them thrive post-lockdown.”

Cormac continued: “With our offer, it’s a win-win for everyone. Customers are rewarded for purchasing from local businesses, and local retailers are attracting the public to spend in their stores or online. The #WelcomeBackNIcampaign is having a real impact on everyone who gets involved and we want to drive that message.”

Businesses looking to join the campaign should include the #WelcomeBackNI hashtag in all of their social media posts and can find out more about loyalBe’s promotional offer on the loyalBe website.