Following a £100K investment, Hendrix Restaurant in Stranmillis is celebrating a hugely successful first month in business. Directors Stephen Toney and Kristian Nicolo opened the new 108-seater restaurant last month, creating twenty-five new jobs and serving modern temporary cuisine including tasty tapas dishes from around the world. The premium new setting also houses a fully licensed bar that serves everything from beer, wine, spirits and premium cocktails.

The restaurant brings a new and modern vibe to the student-led area of Stranmillis and is already seeing a lot of different age demographics with distinct taste palates coming through the doors. Catering to all tastes, the restaurant’s menu is something the owners pride themselves in creating to a high standard, catering to all tastes, without having to compromise on flavour.

Stephen Toney and Kristian Nicolo are the founders and directors of the popular Nico’s Pizzeria on the Lisburn Road and Nico’s Pizza Pasta takeaway on Sunnyside Street. Following their phenomenal success with their Italian-themed restaurant, they made the decision to expand their culinary portfolio with the establishment of Hendrix.

Speaking on their first month in business, Stephen Toney said, “We are delighted with how Hendrix is being received by the people of Belfast and even across the country. We were confident we had a recipe for success; however, the response has exceeded our expectations. Many of our loyal customers of Nico’s customers have continued to support us with Hendrix, and it has been great to welcome a new clientele in a new area. We are nearby to the famous Lyric Theatre and we are seeing crowds gravitate towards Hendrix for their pre-thatre destination of choice. It’s great to get to meet so many new faces coming to experience what we have created here.”

Head Chef and Co-Owner Kristian Nicolo added, “The feedback has been fantastic already and we’re only getting started! We have found it very interesting seeing what dishes are popular and what our customers are raving about. Our Birra Beef slow-cooked tacos have proved to be a big hit so far, followed by our Salt and Chilli Chicken Tapas dish and all of our pasta dishes. We guarantee that when you come visit us at Hendrix you will be served amazing food in a fun and upbeat atmosphere, with amazing service to top it off.”