Gander, the real-time mobile app that connects customers with yellow-labelled discount supermarket savings has now officially launched in all Shoprite stores on Isle of Man.

The app, which was founded and developed on the Isle of Man, uses world-first technology to connect shoppers with bargains in real-time. It has seen huge success across the UK, and its latest drive is calling on the Isle of Man to reduce food waste.

Speaking of the app’s Isle of Man Launch launch, Amanda Noble, Shoprite’s Marketing Manager, said: “we’re really excited to be the first to give the Isle of Man access to Gander. We know how important it is to help people save money and help make reduced-price food more accessible to the population”.

“The app will showcase all reduced-price products at Shoprite stores Island-wide. Traditionally, you had to visit a store and hope you found something that was both reduced and that took your fancy, but for the first time all this information is available on the Gander app.”

“People often think that reduced food means a reduction in quality or taste, but that isn’t the case.” Gander connects consumers to delicious, reduced food, meaning users can keep track of what yellow-stickered foods are on the shelves at any given time.

“It does this by integrating with a store’s internal system, meaning that as soon as something is reduced, it is immediately visible on the Gander app: similarly, as soon as that item has been purchased, it is removed from the app. This means users have an instant and accurate feed of all reductions in-store at any time wherever they are.

“This makes it a simple and effective way to shop smarter and help people do their bit to reduce food waste.”

Gander has already seen great success in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and numerous locations across England and Wales.

“We know shoppers already love using our app” said Stacey Williams, Gander’s Head of Business Development, “and we’re excited that we can share our home-grown technology with all of our Islanders.”

The free app, which already has more than 236,000 active users in selected areas across the UK, has already empowered customers to save more than 15 million food items, save £20.6 million on their food shop bill, and has saved over 14,500 tonnes of CO2.

The easy to use Gander app is available for iOS download in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.