Quarantine can be a bit of a slog – there’s only so many thrills you can get from going on your 100th trip to the fridge, or aimlessly scrolling through Instagram looking at people’s throwback pictures of previous holidays.

Believe it or not, this important period of isolation has proven to bring people together in ways they never would have – with innovative socialising apps being downloaded by the second, creating new cultures on how we’re making the most of our time.

From games to quizzes, group chatrooms to viral videos for the purposes of leisure or work – the possibilities are truly endless. Living in a digital age isn’t all bad in times like these!

Here’s a couple of Rumour Mill’s top favourites during this lockdown:


After becoming iOS Store’s most downloaded free app in the UK this month, Houseparty really is everywhere! It is basically a virtual version of a massive get-together. If your friends are ‘in the house’, you can chat with them one-to-one – or you can gather a group in a room to talk or play games, either locking that room’s door or leaving it open for new people to walk in and join you. Its great for changing things up when you’re feeling particularly bored and offers more entertaining elements than your typical Skype or FaceTime.


TikTok is now firmly embedded in our everyday lives now. The video-sharing app is used to create short-form dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos – showcasing a lot of ridiculous yet addictive content. It’s ability to spark viral-worthy videos is unparalleled compared to any other app, with fresh content constantly evolving each day the more users put their own spin on what’s trending. You can read more about our thoughts on TikTok later this month and see the author himself, Ciaran Mullan, master the fine art of the app @ciaranmullan4.

Netflix Party

We all know there’s no greater betrayal than when someone swears, they won’t watch a Netflix show without you, and then watches a sneaky episode when in quarantine. If, like any of us, you daren’t break the Netflix bond with your friend or partner – this is the perfect way to keep that promise and tradition rolling. Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that lets you watch movies and shows remotely, with synchronised video playback and an added group chat – making it a real-time experience for you and your fellow viewer, as well as making long distance that little bit easier.

Our top Netflix picks at the moment are Tiger King, Lost Girls, RuPaul’s Drag Race and The Stranger.


It would be wrong of us not to mention Gander. The world-first app we helped launch last year, that tells you in real-time about reduced yellow-labelled items in your local SPAR, EUROSPAR, ViVO and ViVOXtra store.

When buying food responsibly has never been more important, Gander can help you protect your savings and reduce any food waste. Now more than ever it is important to avoid the perils of stock piling and buying for the sake of it. We have all seen images emerging of the amount of foods going to waste, as a result of the recent panic buying pandemic. Be smart, use Gander to find reduced food in your local store, manage your food budget, freeze and prep; then enjoy your food in the knowledge you have done your bit to protect the environment. Remember yellow-labelled food is just reduced in price and not in quality.

What apps have been getting you through this quarantine? Let us know! Remember to adhere to government guidelines, keep each other safe and #stayathome.