Are you new to this whole working from home thing? Us too! Companies around the world are adapting to mandatory remote working, including us. We are having to adapt to a new environment, primarily our living rooms and kitchens; spots in our homes that may not usually lend themselves to productivity.

Whilst we are missing each other and the daily banter – plus the tea making rota; there are ways to keep positive and avoid going stir-crazy. Over the past few weeks, we have been adapting, and figuring out what works for us individually, from setting up a good workspace, to the way we keep in touch as a team. Here are a few of our top tips.

Communication is key: At the start of each working week, we always have a client catch up. Then each day, a mini task focused chat to establish what our day will look like. In the office, communication is easy and effortless. Rather than doing this face to face, we now have a team Skype call every day, at the same time. This helps encourage a routine and we can each establish what tasks we have planned for that day and plot out the rest of the week. We also have our team WhatsApp group chat and when we aren’t sending each other memes, we can send quick voice memos to check something that doesn’t merit a phone call.

Rather than client meetings, we are arranging Skype or Zoom meetings, which are great for those clients who are used to seeing you in person. If all else fails, a good old phone call does the trick.

These are uncertain times for us all, so we continue to check in with our clients, via phone calls and emails, reassuring them we are here to help. At the end of each day, we send a task update to the team via email. It only takes a few minutes to do this and it is a simple way for us to check on where we can support each other to complete tasks if needed.

Create a workplace setting: We are all so used to the same routine, getting up, going to work, getting to the office and setting up at our desk. Most of us who don’t work remotely are unlikely to have an office space at home, so we have had to create one. OK, confess, who has joined their team conference call in their pjs? Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! Get up, take a shower and get dressed, treat your day like you are at work.

If possible, change your setting. If you can work in your living room one day, try the kitchen the next. If the sun is out, like we have been lucky to have the past few days, bring your work outside for some much-needed vitamin D! A change of scenery can really boost your mood!

If you are working from home and you live with other people in your house, set some boundaries to minimise distraction. Agree tea breaks and your lunch time so you can have a break together and you can work towards enjoying a break in your day.

Positive vibes only: Now is a great time to dust off the pom poms and be one another’s cheerleaders. We are all in a rather stressful and unknown territory right now and keeping morale high can be hard. Keep in touch with your colleagues throughout the day. You can’t see them, so a message to check how they are will make them feel less isolated and reassure them that you are all in this together.

Keep in touch with your family and friends. There are so many great platforms out there now, that are making it really easy to communicate. We are loving WhatsApp, Zoom, TikTok and House Party.

Ensure that you are getting your daily exercise and if you can get out for fresh air, even better. But reminder to stick to the government guidance. Exercise has been widely proven to help reduce anxiety, depression, and negative moods by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Yes please!

There are lots of celebrities supporting online right now with this. Facebook lives and IGTV free workouts we are loving right now are Joe Wicks, Alexandra Cane, Tyson Fury and Rio & Kate Ferdinand.

Stay in touch, stay at home and stay safe. #StayHomeSaveLives