Consumer PR (public relations) is all about talking to your customers. It differs slightly from Corporate PR in that it’s not solely focused on the organisation, but rather on the maintenance of a positive brand-to-customer relationship dynamic.

In fact, Consumer PR relates to any kind of content you put out that’s designed to engage the consumer – be it an Instagram story, an advertisement, or a press release. Whatever the case, you need to make sure the public understands the message you wish to convey each time you’re representing your brand.

PR is a vast and complex landscape comprised of many different roles and responsibilities, and (in this context anyway) it ultimately boils down to the public perception of your brand and what you can do to alter it as and when you need to. It’s an area of business that’s always evolving, so it’s worth keeping your eye on it to ensure you don’t fall out of the loop and miss out on some potentially big rewards.

Communication Channels Are Changing

Like most areas in life, the transformation of Consumer PR is constantly enabled by technological advancements  like the meteoric rise of social media, as it represents a wealth of communication opportunities for brands, allowing them to develop a solid PR strategy using channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many others.

Social media has irrevocably changed the way companies engage in PR, and those who fail to strategise for this  will become inaccessible or desirable for a large portion of the population – a portion that spends a huge amount of time communicating on various social media platforms.

A good example of the power of social media would be to in a PR crisis –  a negative tweet  accusing your brand of something sinister, can gain traction in seconds and even go viral. This can be immensely damaging if you haven’t got a social media PR crisis management strategy in place. Ten years ago, this might not have meant too much, but now it can be disastrous for a company’s reputation.

Moreover, digital outlets are becoming increasingly innovative in their ability to drive consumer engagement and strengthen emotional bonds with their customers. Just look at Spotify’s various playlist creation tools as a prime example.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporations are very much under the the spotlight in today’s world, and they have a responsibility to the health of the planet, their customers, their staff, and to the wider community.

 Corporate responsibility should be very much part of your brand’s story. This is particularly relevant to  Consumer PR, which helps a   company  present itself in the best possible way to its audience.

PR thrives when brands have a good awareness of their position in the marketplace and of what their customers expect from them. When these expectations shift, so too must the way in which PR is carried out.

Fierce Competition

With technological improvements come customer engagement opportunities, which means competition is fierce, and PR representatives have to think light years outside the box to make the most of the tools and the channels at their disposal.

As always, the customer is at the heart of Consumer PR, so any strategy that you develop should have their needs and expectations firmly rooted in the foreground.

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