Following completion on his new warehouse studio space in his hometown, YouTube sensation Adam B, is set to launch his new LIVE Saturday night show this weekend.

Work on the new creative space kicked off in April this year and at the time it was a disused warehouse space that needed a lot of work. Documenting its transformation, Adam B gave the place a brand-new look, incorporating his signature style. From new paint to new floors, to new everything – even a foam pit!

“I’ve given the place a total makeover,” explains Adam B. “Transforming the space was overwhelming at times, but I am delighted that all the hard work has paid off. My little brother loves it! He described it as his own private ‘fun-house’.

“When I look back at the old warehouse space it looks quite grim. This new space has been long overdue. Lockdown has taught me that there is only so many videos you can do at your home until you reach a saturation point. If I ever wanted to do a big video, I needed space and a roof over my head because you can’t depend on Irish weather! Otherwise, I could travel to somewhere that had both things. However, not being able to travel to other countries as freely as before has forced me to think on my toes on how I can increase production of videos without having to travel to other production studios and other sets! So, I thought – why not build one at home?

“I am over the moon with how the place looks! I can’t wait to finally show it on camera. It feels like a 4-month side project and secret that I couldn’t tell anyone about. It’s a weight off my shoulders for sure.”

Marking the completion of this ambitious project, Adam B is launching his brand-new Saturday night Live show. Rehearsals started this week, with the first live being streamed this weekend (Saturday 21st August) at 7PM via his YouTube channel. A new show will be taking place once every two weeks featuring stunts, interviews, special guests, and lots of surprises along the way.

“I am very excited to show people what we’ve been working on. I’ve teamed up with a local production company to help produce these live shows! I genuinely can’t wait!” says Adam B.

“Along with the live show, I am in the beginning stages of producing a podcast. We have designed a podcast set in this warehouse as I’ve basically tried to ‘future-proof’ this space.”

Check out the new Saturday Night LIVE show via:

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