Video marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses. The fact that more companies are realising the power of video can be seen in the accompanying rise in demand for video marketing services.

Marketers often question whether video worth the extra effort? Now, thanks in large part to 82% of all consumer internet traffic being fuelled by online videos and growing daily numbers across social media platforms, you need look no further than these 6 reasons below!

Why is video marketing so effective

People love watching video & retain information better

According to statistics, people prefer to watch videos than read articles or blog posts on any subject. That’s because watching a video conveys information much better than text alone. A viewer may retain up to 65% of a message when they see and hear it compared with just 10% reading.

Even though we might feel we’re good at projecting our personalities over the phone or in writing, nothing beats the combination of an audio & visual experience.

That’s why video marketing services often include interviews with company spokespeople so that customers can learn more about a business & it’s service, than reading about it only.

Video is a great way to explain how your product or service works & telling stories that build emotional connections with your potential customers

The digital landscape is still relatively new, and the only way to really connect with your user base is through authenticity. Imagine if you could reach millions of people globally by creating a two-minute video about how you got started, or what inspires you about the brand?

Video marketing has become incredibly popular in recent years due to its ability to turn regular businesses into overnight successes. Facebook reported that 100’s of millions of hours of video is watched on their platform daily, so there clearly is an audience for this type of content. It doesn’t stop at social media either; video can be used across all sorts of online channels like blogs, email lists and websites too.

Videos are shared far more often on social media websites, which means they’ll reach more people who may want to use your services

Marketers are always looking for new ways to get their message out to more people. Videos are an excellent way to do just that, but what is the best way to market your video? Studies have shown that videos shared on social media networks are viewed much more often than those posted directly onto a website or blog. This means if you want your video seen by as many people as possible, it’s important not only to post it on social media sites, but also keep in mind how you share content so that it will be engaging and spread quickly.

Videos can rank on the first page of Google & are Great for your SEO efforts

A great way of enhancing your SEO efforts & getting your business on Google’s first page, is uploading videos that target common search terms related to your products & services. The more targeted & relevant you make these, the higher up they will rank in YouTube & search engine results pages.

Video Marketing helps with your SEO efforts

One great way businesses can get their name out there with potential customers, is by creating high-quality content tailored directly towards those individuals who are actively seeking answers to frequently asked questions.

Video marketing offers a great return in investment

Thanks to modern technology, a well-produced video can cost a fraction of it would have at the beginning of the century. This is an affordable investment that will provide you with more than what was once possible when traditional marketing strategies were used twenty years ago!

While live-action videos can still come with a cost, many businesses opt for animated video & graphics, which can come surprisingly cheap.

Video attracts leads, drives traffic & engages lazy buyers

Video marketing is an effective way to attract qualified leads and build a strong customer base. By including videos in your campaign, you will be able to collect robust data about how people interact with the brand – this information should not only help execute successful strategies but also better target consumers on their journey through purchase decisions!

Video is the most efficient way to communicate with your customers, especially if you want them absorb what you & your business are all about. Right now, video plays have increased 800% over six years.

According to the ‘Picture Superiority Effect‘ humans are better at remembering images than words so choose this medium when possible, to help reach those hard to convert buyers!

To conclude

As highlighted above, video is a great way for marketers to reach potential clients & customers. It is easier than ever before for businesses to create and share high-quality video content. If video isn’t already part of your content strategy, then perhaps you should think about testing it out!

If you would like help or guidance regarding your video efforts moving forward, the Rumour Mill Team would be delighted to help you & your business.

It’s important not only that you create videos that are informative and engaging, but you also need to make sure the right people see them by using the most effective distribution methods possible.