Do the Loco-Motion!

Motion graphics is a form of animation that is applied to static graphics that give the illusion of movement adding a whole new dimension to the design. You can find motion graphics almost everywhere you look and it is something that is becoming evermore popular with businesses to enhance their brands or products.

At Rumour Mill we love to use Motion Graphics to engage your customers, as it allows you to tell a story in more compelling ways and for when you need your brand or product to stand out in a potentially cluttered and crowded market. Video is continuing to be increasingly popular with audiences as it allows them to quickly understand and digest the subject matter in hand, which is essential for ensuring your marketing is successful.

Using Motion Graphics as part of your Digital Marketing is so important, as when you create motion graphics for web platforms such as social media, you can be sure that your message will be received well. You don’t have to spend lots of money to make a big impact, even the most basic of motion graphics can greatly increase your chances of getting better response rates from your targeted audiences.

Check out our Motion Graphic packages that can pimp your content. Alternatively for more bespoke requirements please contact our team on / 02890682185.