The Benefits Of Using A Creative Communications Agency

There is a reason why creative communications agencies exist and there is a reason why companies choose to use them to help them achieve their business goals. While it’s easy to think that you can do the job of a communications agency yourself or inhouse, in reality, outsourcing this work can be extremely beneficial for your business, and here’s why:

Trusted professionals

A communications agency is experienced in communications and they know what they’re talking about. It’s unlikely you’ll be bringing a new problem or task to your agency; the chances are they will have worked on something similar before and will be able to apply their experience and knowledge to help you and achieve great results.

Flexible To Your Needs

You can discuss with your agency how much or little you want to work with them, and usually, this can be changed depending on your needs. For example, if you need help with an event launch, then you could sign up specifically for ad hoc occasions. Alternatively if you’re looking for ongoing communications support, then you can use them for a certain amount of work each month.

Great Ideas

It is always good to get a fresh pair of eyes on something and when you work with an external communications agency they come in and look at your business or products or services in a way that you may not. They will come with new ideas and because they love to be creative, are passionate about what they do, stay on top of current trends, and have their finger on the pulse, they can instil something new and exciting into your business.

Influencer & Media Contacts

Communications professionals are always communicating and networking. They’ll know who the latest online influencers are and have access to other senior figures or important members of society. As well as this, if they’re part of an integrated agency they can easily help with designers, videographers, web developers, and other marketing professionals for your company. Even if they’re not part of an integrated agency, they will have freelancers or other agencies that they work closely with and can provide you with any extra services you need to support your communications goals.

Experts In Media Relations

As well as knowing all the important people part of creative communications is to offer a media relations service. This means that they’ll have the right contacts in the press and will pick up the phone and speak to the right publications for your business and secure media coverage for you. This is a time-consuming process and one that a communications agency is well-versed in and can achieve great success with.

Develop A Strategy

When a communications agency comes into your business, they will want to dig deep and find out everything about what you do and how you do it. They will find out your strengths and weaknesses as a brand, what sets you apart from your competitors, who your audience is or who it should be and what they think your goals should be. They will research and study you and then with this information, develop a communications strategy that will drive results.

We are Rumour Mill…

Rumour Mill Creative Communications is a leading communications agency based in Northern Ireland, delivering public relations, social media, digital marketing and content creation to clients across the UK & across the globe. It has broad industry experience and work with clients across a range of sectors including food and hospitality, tourism, fashion, FMCG, arts, property, not-for-profit and education. As a result, it has achieved a strong portfolio of creative award-winning campaigns. At Rumour Mill, we are an extremely ambitious, passionate and fun team of people!  If you want to talk to a member of the team about how we can help you, get in contact today.