We are the influencer marketing experts.

At Rumour Mill, we have developed and executed award-winning influencer marketing strategies. Based on your brand goals, we shape the optimal strategy that is right for you. This includes connecting you with the top social media influencers, vloggers and content creators to help you engage your target audiences.

We handle it all! We will manage matching your brand with the perfect social media influencer, negotiating fees and managing the strategy, from start to finish.

Blogger outreach adds a further strand to your content marketing activity by exposing your brand to a blogger’s existing readership, allowing you to reach new, wider – and, most importantly, relevant – audiences. If your content appears on blogs that are read by your target customers, and offers them something new and interesting, the brand awareness potential is huge.

Our unique relationships with influencers allow us to work with them to develop posts that help to tell your brand’s story, while satisfying the needs of their audience, retaining authenticity, and creating a fantastic user experience of your brand.

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Are you an influencer? Want to join our roster of influencers. Discuss brand collaborations?

Contact Ciaran and he’ll be more than happy to chat – ciaran@rumourmillcomms.com