People often assume that creating a business website is a lot of work. But at Rumour Mill  we will walk you through each easy step until you meet your goal.

When creating a website, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. You’ll need to consider your goals before you get started so you can implement design elements and tools that are best suited to helping you achieve your objectives.

For instance, a dentist’s office would need a completely different website than an architecture firm. Whether you want to inform visitors about a brick-and-mortar business or conduct sales online also significantly influences how your site should turn out.

You should also think about the expected traffic to your website. If you’re going to sell products online, you may receive a lot more attention than a local business that relies on in-person sales. Your needs in this area will influence which platforms and hosting providers are suitable for your site.

But we are here to give you expert advice!

Once we have helped you develop a clear direction of what you want your website to accomplish, we can start digging into the process of designing and building it. Prices start from £800 plus VAT for a standard WordPress one page website.

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