Photography & advertising have always gone hand in hand. Great Photography offers businesses the ability to help connect audiences with your brands & products, enabling a more emotional relationship between consumers & businesses.

With the vast amount of digital technology we all have at our fingertips; now more than ever businesses are leveraging the power of imagery to help create impactful & memorable advertising campaigns. This in turn helps drive audiences to your website, as well as increasing leads & conversions.

Finding The Right Commercial Photographer For You

When we speak about commercial photography, it is all about capturing how your product or service offers great value. It is important to have photographers who understand the nuance and has the skill to highlight how great a product is, without necessarily trying to shove it into the viewers faces or trying to coax them to make a purchase (Even though this is the ultimate goal). Here at Rumour Mill, we only work with the best photographers and we will be able to carefully select the right commercial photographer for each individual project. Check out one of our project for Conor & Company.

Advertising Photography – Letting consumers know your product exists

If you are looking for something a little less subtle, advertising photography is maybe more suited to your needs. It offers the ability for photographers to be a little more direct with the subject. You will often find brighter backgrounds and quirky lighting that helps make the image stand out wherever it may be displayed. You will also tend to see this type of photography accompanied by bold typography.

Advertising photography is more about persuading people that they need what you have on offer.

Commercial Photography – Who are you presenting your products to & how?

In contrast, commercial photography looks at creating more of a focus on a product/person & little else. Many commercial photographers will go out of their way to ensure that no other elements in the picture take away from the essence of the product or service in question. Commercial photography is all about letting a product stand out on its own and showcasing the essence of what you are offering in the best possible way.

Types Of Commercial Photography

Fashion Photography

Selling something as well as being highly artistic is important for any commercial fashion photographer. Not only important to capture the essence of the clothing, but fashion photographers also need to consider how to highlight a models physical features and poses that best showcases the clothing in question.

Food Photography

A great food photograph can leave your stomach growling! It should evoke a response from your viewer. Styling food for any giving shoot can be a trying process and you will need somebody experienced in working with what can be quite a challenging subject.

Check out the video below to see some tips and tricks food photographers use!

Location Photography

The location itself can enhance commercial products or your team photographs. It can really complement the overall message you are trying to convey. The Rumour Mill team will showcase your products, staff and the accompanying message. We put ourselves in the shoes of your potential customers to see your products and business image through their eyes. We endeavour to learn the in’s & outs of your brand and the message you want to convey with commercial photography.

Portrait Photography

Our commercial photographs focus on the people that make your business what it is. In most instances, portrait photographs used for commercial purposes, tend to be professional and subdued. They can also feature 1-3 people in the middle of a daily work task.

Product Photography

For most businesses, having high quality product photography is essential for any marketing campaign. We only work with photographers & equipment that can emphasise the best features & emphasise the strengths of the products and services you have on offer.

This type of photography can be used across packaging, websites, brochures and displays, to help engage potential clientele.

Corporate Event Photography

Corporate Event Photography can be used across all marketing & advertising material. It is ideal for getting natural photos of both staff and clientele, enjoying what your products/service are all about.

It is a fantastic way to capture brand storytelling. These type of candid photographs help your target audience understand what you and your staff are like as people rather than just a business, which can not only help capture customers but also create brand advocates.

Why Should You Choose Commercial Photography?

Having great commercial photography is great for enticing customers. Not only does it advertise your products, but it showcases the message you are trying to convey as a brand, as well as placing emphasis on the quality of what you are offering.

Commercial photography highlights what is unique about you and your businesses, helping you stand out from your competitors. The powerful visuals can help connect with customers on a different level than what can be achieved with standard stock photography.

If you need any assistance with photography for your business, just contact a member of our team and we will be able to offer some advice on what you need.